Discover Tawôl
Lead the Towers assault !

The goal is to take the 8 adverse towers ! Created in 2011, Tawôl is a new game of strategy and reflexion in 3D on board. For 2 players, from 9 years.


Discover Suot à
The relentless strategy !

A smaller game board, only pawns, and this newcomer is still played in 3D. To win Suot à it needs to be the first to take 9 points minimum to his opponent.

Suot à

       Creator and Editor of 3D strategy games since 2011, we have the pleasure to show Tawôl and Suot à in Europe through fairs and festivals and on our web site

       Already present in game libraries, schools and associations in Paris region, Tawôl and Suot à aim to everyone, from 9 years old. Tawôl and Suot à wear a new vision of the strategy.

       We believe we bring a new fun way to learn and develop geometry in 3D space.